Everyday Heroes


EDHLogoSeedling Foundation is proud to announce a partnership with the website “Everyday Hero” to help spread the word about how our mentors influence the lives of hundreds of children each day, and to raise money to support this work. 

Mentors create a page on the “Everyday Hero” website, and share it with friends, family, and colleagues to help advance our work with children of prisoners.


What is it? “Everyday Hero” is a website located at https://www.everydayhero.com/us/ where Seedling mentors can promote information about the important work they are doing in mentoring the child of a prisoner, and encourage others to support this work with a donation. It is an opportunity to tell the personal story of the mentor’s journey with their Seedling student.


Why? There are over 150 children waiting to be matched with a Seedling mentor. By helping to share the message of how Seedling impacts the lives of children, mentors will be helping Seedling recruit more mentors and raise more funding to support additional children.


How do I create my personal page? Click here to access a fact sheet about getting started.


Check back, because we will be adding more Everyday Heroes as they set up their active pages.



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