Our Impact



Students, mentors, teachers, and caregivers all report positive outcomes from participation in the Seedling Mentor Program:

ThanksSeedlingsm90% of students reported that they performed better in school and made better choices because of help from their mentors.

88% of caregivers strongly agreed that the mentoring program helped them and their child to grow in their relationship.

99% of teachers recommended that their students continue in the program.

In 2009, the Seedling Mentor Program was identified by the Austin Independent School District as one of only six “program treasures” or programs worthy of study and replication. 


Since the founding of our program, we’ve served over 1600 children in Central Texas schools.

For more information on the achievements of the Seedling Mentor Program and an in-depth analysis of our program, please see our Annual Evaluation Reports.

Click to read an article from the Georgetown View, featuring a Seedling Mentor and her experience. "A Gift From the Heart."

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