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Hear from Zaira Garcia, Seedling Mentee, 2006 College Scholarship Award Winner and 2014 Keynote Speaker!







Free Images 26Quotes from Seedling Mentors and Mentees:

"If it wasn’t for the Seedling program, I believe I would still be struggling and not understanding why. When I am older, I would like to make a difference in a growing child’s life also.  I want them to know that they are not alone.  There can always be someone there for you just like there is someone for me."

Maria, 8th grader

"Very slowly Maria started to tell me about her family and her relationship with her mother, sister and brothers and a very special bond with her grandmother who lives out of town.  I don’t think anyone in her family has talked with her about the possibility of continuing her education beyond high school.  Maria and I talked about what it will be like when she goes to high school next year and what she will have to do to be successful in high school.  I believe in Maria."

Carol, Maria’s mentor for two years

 "I would like to thank you for not giving up on me, for showing me all the ways to success, for giving me courage, love, and appreciation.  I knew I was young and didn’t know much about life but I still had feelings.  You never criticize me even when I do something wrong.  You just tell me to think about what I have done."

Edith, 8th grader

"When Edith was in elementary school, we would play games, read, or draw together.  But as she has gotten older, our activities have changed, and our roles have evolved, too.  Where I used to give her advice about manners or homework or how to handle different school situations, Edith now gives me advice."

Martha, Edith’s mentor for six years 


SF-Alyssa"We both share interests in World War II history because her father was an active military member during that time period as well as my great-grandfather.  My mentor always gives me positive feedback that leaves permanent impressions on my brain to ensure my capabilities and strengths are matched to my commitments I have set for myself. She is the “fuel that feeds the fire” to my thirst of wanting to learn."

Richard, 8th grader

"He has grown in maturity as well as stature.  Richard says he wants me to continue to be his mentor as he begins high school next fall, and I am honored to do so."

Rosalie, Richard’s mentor for five years 


"Seeing my mother work long hours and making just enough to pay the bills really made me want to quit school and work to help my family. I also felt like everyone gave up on me, but my mentor never did.  Now, not “if”, but “when” I go to college, I will be the first person in my family to go to college.  A mentor might have a huge impact in a kid’s life just like my mentor did in mine."

Noel, 8th grader

"I grew weary at one point and questioned if my positive influence on him was working at all.  I remained determined not to relent and not to allow him to walk down a path of worse behavior.  Now, after seeing his leadership capabilities in his volunteer work and with other students, I see a huge potential for his success in college and thereafter."

Rolando, Noel’s mentor for three years 


 “You never gave up on me even when I got mad.  I feel that the way you helped me be unique has exceeded people’s expectations on what defines a mentor.  Thanks to you I know I am important as well as intellectual.  Thank you, Mr. Michael!” 

Sergio, 8th grader

 “Sergio is a young man full of spirit, intelligence, creativity, and kindness.  I have seen him come up against struggles, both internal and external and although he may be frustrated at first, he pushes himself to grow and overcome.  I am honored to play some small part in supporting his dreams”

Michael, Sergio's mentor for three years 



SF Bryce EOY"Because my mom didn’t have enough money to support my family, I was making bad decisions.  But my mentor helped me at the perfect time and encouraged me to keep doing the right thing.  Now I do that because I want to make my mom proud."

Kevin, 8th grader

"I have witnessed a great young man look straight ahead when the winds are in his face, one who smiles even when faced with difficulties.  I find myself telling him that he is portraying exactly the same attributes that I hope to have instilled in my children when they become his age."

Tucker, Kevin’s mentor for two years 


"She is my motivation to come to school on Fridays.  I wait for her all morning with the anticipation of us having our little talks.  I don’t know if she knows, but it’s those little things she tells me that really do help me.  When I am older I will continue to remember those words of wisdom she has given me to help me deal with the issues in my life."

Gavino, 8th grader

"I promised him that I would stay and do my very best to be a good mentor, friend, and most important positive influence in his life."

Martha, Gavino’s mentor for two years

"Even though I’ve made mistakes in life, you still accepted me for who I am and what I do.  I can count on you without having fears.  I love that we can connect like magnets, as we share our similar experiences."

Frances, 8th graderFemale Adult Child-SImages

"I remember introducing myself, and before I could say another word, she asked, “How long are you going to be my mentor?”  I wanted her to now that I really was here for her and not to pry information from her or try to take the place of her parents or even to always talk to her but instead to listen."

Lita, Frances’s mentor for three years


 "I remember my sister and me always fought over who got to sit in the front seat.  My mentor told me to try paper-rock-scissors.  That way we both had an equal chance of winning.  Then we did it for a bunch of other things, and it always solved our problems.  I realized that my mom had less stress on her when we fought less.  My mentor has watched me come up from my mistakes and has helped me make the right decisions in life."

Ashley, 8th grader

"We’ve sorted through school issues around her grades, friends, and behavior in the classroom.  I’ve seen a shift in how she approaches topics.  She has moved from simply telling a story about issues not being her fault to now approaching the conversation with what she could have done differently in each situation to change the outcome.  As her mentor, I don’t plan to go anywhere!"

Nikki, Ashley’s mentor for four years



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